New hecl lcdui commands

I had some time to hack on Hecl today, and cranked out a few more widget bindings.

I added the gauge, choicegroup, alert commands. They work pretty much
like you’d expect. I also tweaked the ‘listbox’ command to work like this:

listbox label foo list {"choice 1" "choice 2" apples oranges}

With that, an initial version of all widgets in the ‘high level’ portion
of the gui is pretty much there, modulo some bits and pieces. Canvas
and Images are going to go into a separate package, so that those who
don’t require them don’t incur the size penalty. I’m not sure I’m ready
to tackle those right away though.

Also to be considered is an implementation of ItemStateListener so that the GUI can react to changes not brought on by commands.

After that comes an implementation of “RMS” so that Hecl can store
things on cell phones.

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