Hecl, Oregon, OFBiz


I released a new snapshot of Hecl this evening, with a few minor fixes. I’m pleased that the project has picked up a regular contributor, Wolfgang Kechel, who seems to be doing some interesting things with it. He’s a bright guy, and it’s good to have feedback and someone to talk things over with. I have been sidetracked with Ruby on Rails (more on that in the future) lately, so I haven’t dedicated as much time to Hecl as I would have liked to.


I found this brochure about open source in Oregon. It’s “marketing materials” kind of stuff, but still… I’m proud to see all the interest in open source in my home state. Almost makes me want to go back, but then I talked with my parents on the phone, who told me about the 24 days of rain in a row, which brought me back to my senses.


I had been investigating OFBiz as something to use in the company where I’m working, but apparently that’s not going to happen for now, which is a pity, because it’s well done software, and more importantly, has attracted a bright, diverse group of people to work on it. Indeed, I liked it so much that I’m helping out (I hope!) by acting as a “mentor” for the project as it goes through the process known as incubation at the Apache Software Foundation, which means that it hasn’t officially been accepted as part of the ASF, but has the potential to do so if we get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. It’s been an interesting experience, as it’s about as far away as you can get from my Tcl work at Apache!

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