Open Source Digressions

Is it just me, or do these kinds of side trips happen to other people in the open source world?

For instance, I want to add SMS capabilities to Hecl, so I did some research, realized that it’s not too hard, and wrote the code. The build system we use is based on Antenna, which turns out to have a problem with the 2.2 version of suns Wireless ToolKit in that it doesn’t let you select wma11.jar or wma20.jar, as the 2.2 version requires you to do.

Poking around some more turned up a patch for Antenna that would do just what I need. However, it’s from late 2005. It seems to be quite popular in the J2ME world, so what happened to it? Is the project no longer maintained? I wonder if it would be possible to fork it and get some people involved in keeping it up to date?

And so it goes… and I get sidetracked from what I’m working on. Sometimes it leads me to new and interesting projects, but I suppose that, long-term, it’s not the best use of my time. And yet I find that the pattern repeats itself, and all things considered, I really enjoy hacking on open source software, so I do end up having fun.

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