Knuth Bug, Call by ?, OpenExp

A few interesting things:

A bug in Knuth’s Art of Computer Programming

I opened it up yesterday to see if he had anything relevant to some code I was writing, and a bug crawled out (and I squashed it). I thought to myself that it’s not often that people find bugs in Knuth’s books…

Hecl and SourceForge

We’re still debating how Hecl ought to work in terms of call by {reference/name/value/whatever}, which has proved to be very interesting, and require some healthy mental gymnastics to think about it all. Unfortunately, as of late, SourceForge has been rejecting email from gmail. How annoying is that?!

Hecl @ OpenExp

I want to the OpenExp conference in Cerea on Sunday to give a talk about Hecl. That area of Italy is sort of like the Nebraska of Italy. Wide, flat, and not a whole lot there (although this being northern Italy there are still lots of little towns). In any case, the talk when ok, although I don’t think I got quite as many people as I could of… it’s frustrating trying to think of a title or some means to convey to people that here is a technology they can use to do something cool (write programs for their cell phones) very quickly and easily. The people that were there seemed to “get it”, though.

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