OFBiz progress at the ASF

OFBiz passed its vote to exit the “incubator” at the Apache Software Foundation. For those not up on the inner workings and jargon, this means that it should soon (as of the next board meeting) become a regular project at the ASF, like httpd, Tomcat, and so on

Si Chen, one of the core team, sums up the whole process here, which is an interesting read for those considering approaching the ASF.

Having helped set things in motion via an out of the blue question on their mailing list, I’m pleased to see that things are working out well, and continue to be impressed with the progress they are making, as well as the dedication with which they pursued integration with the ASF (and the bureaucracy that entailed). It would have been nice to use OFBiz where I’m working, but unfortunately that was not to be. In any case, I do glance at the code and data models from time to time, because they encapsulate a lot of good ideas.