Stuff To Do

Regarding my previous posting, the first thing that I wanted to release is called “Stuff To Do“, and is a simple, elegant priority queue for getting things done. It lets you reprioritize, track time spent on tasks, generate reports on time spent, and most importantly, share with other users. You can create groups of people who can view one another’s tasks, and give tasks to other users, all via a very intuitive interface (javascript is, however, required). It’s all meant to stay out of your way as much as possible, even the time tracking requires only that you visit the browser window every so often to let it know you’re there, rather than fiddling with (and sooner or later forgetting about) start and stop buttons. Perhaps it’s not accurate down to the second, but the idea is to give you a general idea of what you’ve been up to, rather than something you have to slavishly click on all the time.

The group interface is also meant to be easy to use to get a quick idea of what other people are working on, or share tasks with other people. For instance, if you’re a project manager, you could create a bunch of tasks, and then just drag and drop them to other people in the system. You can’t change other people’s priorities (yet), because I think it’s better if you simply ask them yourself – technology isn’t a substitute for communication!

While I work on the paypal interface (I looked into Google Checkout, but it’s still got some limitations), I’m going to let people sign up for the group-enabled version with six months for free. It won’t cost too much per user when I roll it out in any case, probably somewhere south of $20. The basic version is likely to remain free as long as I can cover hosting costs.

I’ve been using it myself at work and home for the past month or so, along with a few of my colleagues, and it seems to fill a nice niche in between more heavyweight issue tracking tools like JIRA, and the index cards/bulletin board we’d been using.

Check it out – I hope you like it! In any case, let me know what you think.

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