Detailed Austrian Topographic Maps

My wife Ilenia can attest to my love for maps. Whenever we go hiking and I find a nice map of the area, she usually has to pry me away from it. But I especially love maps on line. As a kid, I used to buy the USGS topo maps at the bookstore, but getting more than a few was expensive for my budget and sort of futile, as you would have to purchase a large number of them to cover any significant amount of territory. So I was happy indeed when I discovered TopoZone. And who doesn’t like google maps?

It was with great joy that today I finally found some good map sites for our new home in Tirol:

It’s not the fastest thing in there, but it’s got lots of information that you can play around with.

The second one that I found utilizes the dataset to produce maps with mountain bike routes on them:

Too cool!

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