Google Apps + Domain Registration

I’m impressed. Via Google Apps, I was able to register a domain ( – nothing there yet, though) for $10. But it’s not just a domain, it comes with email, google calendar, and a bunch of the other google apps thrown in for free.

That’s a lot of stuff for ten bucks – especially for the large portions of the world where the currencies are appreciating against the dollar.

The service does have some drawbacks though.

  • It doesn’t do .it domains, something that I would find handy. For that matter, it only seems to offer .com, .net, .org, .info or .biz, which is sort of limited. I guess I don’t blame them for not wanting to take on the Italian domain registry and its stupid, bureaurocratic rules, but having some other TLD’s there would be nice.

  • It relies on another site for DNS fiddling. Google partnered with for their registration service, and one notices the difference between the nice, clean google interfaces, and the enom app when you get shunted off there to make DNS changes. The app isn’t even that bad, it would just be nicer if it weren’t necessary to log on to something external.

  • The amount of power that google is ammassing is scary in some ways. I have happily used for a number of years, and would have continued, but 14 Euro vs 10 Dollars + the apps is simply not a contest.

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