Airlines and rand()

Ilenia and I are looking for tickets to go “home” (Eugene, Oregon) this summer. We’ve had pretty good luck with Lufthansa in the past (as opposed to Air France, which lost a huge bag of my stuff), so we turned to them first to look for flights. I like the page they have for prices/dates, which gives you a nice way to look around for a better price without stabbing randomly at dates:

Big long Lufthansa URL

However, the maddening thing is that the prices change frequently. Not every day, but often after even 5 minutes! They bounce around up to 100 euro at a time. I understand the theory behind price descrimination, but this is the classic case where the customer ends up feeling like they’re being made fun of and goes elsewhere. United, in our case, which offers a cheaper price for the same plane (they’re Lufthansa’s partner and thus share flights).

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