Feisty to Gutsy Upgrade

I have a computer with a RaLink RT2561/RT61 wireless card that never worked very well under Feisty, so I decided to try out Gutsy, on a whim.

The good:

The card now works! So that’s good news. Other than that, none of the features listed here is a big deal for me, but it’s nice to get a lot of programs updated to newer versions.

The bad:


Luckily it’s easy to fix.

The ugly:

Upgrading emacs was a pain, as a lot of packages seem to cause breakage with emacs22. That’s not really the fault of the Ubuntu guys, but it would be wonderful if they’d fix it prior to release.

I haven’t used the computer much yet, but consider the release isn’t official yet, it’s not bad, but I think it still needs a little bit of work. Anyway, I’m happy that my card works, I’m happy.

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