New Hecl Release

After four or so months, it’s time for another Hecl “checkpoint”. Those who are seriously interested really ought to be getting Hecl from subversion, however, it’s a good idea to tie up the loose ends every now and then, and put something that’s easy to fetch for the casual user.

This release contains a number of interesting things:

  • Alpha support for Java integration. For example:

      java java.lang.System sys
      set ms [sys currentTimeMillis]
  • Alpha support for Google Android. This utilizes the Java integration system above heavily. What sets it apart from just writing code in Java is that on top of the building blocks, I’ve started to write little bits of Hecl code to make common things very straightforward, layering on top of the Java API.

  • Numerous fixes in the code, documentation, and build system.

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