PostgreSQL 8.3 is out

I’ve always preferred PostgreSQL to Mysql. I think the “worse is better” compromise is ok in some cases, but it’s scary to see money being handled in transactionless MyISAM tables that are so widely used; I’ve done work for a number of places that had that kind of setup, and extrapolating from that, it’s got to be very, very common indeed. I guess they heard it was “faster”… but I’ve always likened that kind of faster to the kind of faster you get by riding a bicycle with no brakes down a hill. Mysql’s made lots of improvements over the past few years and is beginning to approach the robustness that Postgres has always had, but I’m going to stick with Postgres, and I’m glad to see they keep churning out cool new things, using the same sort of community open source approach that works so well at the Apache Software Foundation.

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