To a good home: Linux Incompatibility List

I originally had the idea for a list to keep track of stuff that doesn’t work with Linux something like 12 years ago. I built an initial version, that proved reasonably popular at the time, but then the place it was hosted had some problems, and I was busy with other things. I finally got around to building a new version four or five years ago, and it’s been doing ok since then, but with a baby on the way, I’ve been thinking of things to get rid of, and this is not something I do active work on, so maybe it would be best to find a new home for the site, located at

Here’s the catch:

  • Whoever gets it has to promise to maintain it as essentially what it is today – you have to continue to provide information about hardware that does not function with Linux, or only functions with proprietary drivers.

  • It does generate some money, that I put towards the server where it’s hosted. I wouldn’t mind selling it for something, which will hopefully encourage only those truly interested to apply. It could probably generate more money if it were plastered with a bunch of ugly ads, or, hopefully, if more time and effort were put into it than I have at the moment.

It currently runs on my own server, and uses DedaWiki, an open source, Rails-based Wiki, as well as PostgreSQL. You would have to relocate it to your own server.

So, if you’re interested, contact me:

If I don’t find the right person, no worries; I’ll keep maintaining it for a while yet.

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