– programming language popularity – update

These few days when Ilenia and Helen are still in the hospital are the eye of the storm for me. It’s quiet at home and I actually have a few free hours when I’m not allowed to be in the hospital, or when they need to get some rest.

One of the things I managed to do recently was some Javascript hacking in order to create a timeline for It was fun, because most of the “heavy lifting” is done by Timeplot, and I just had to push the data into place. Of course, there isn’t much interesting there because the site is relatively new, but it should be interesting to see how languages fare over time.

I did some hacking on Timeplot to make it easier to host it on my own server, and to load a bit faster by stuffing it into one big ugly blob of Javascript. When I get a bit of time, I’ll make my changes public, as I think they’re fairly useful for anyone who wants to fiddle around with Timeplot some, and thus host it themselves.

The other thing I did with the site was switch the X and Y axis of the charts, because that works out better in terms of screen space for the labels, with so many languages to keep track of.

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