Dynamic Languages in Desktop Applications

Ted Leung talks about the lack of dynamic languages in desktop applications. There’s something ironic about that: Ted works for Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems, back in the day, was a big contributor to Tcl and Tk. Despite not being the “in thing”, Tcl and Tk are used a lot more than people think. Not so much in the latest and greatest things being built now, due to the (undeservedly) “uncool” reputation, but in lots of products that are still chugging along, earning money and serving their users well, if not noisily so. Interestingly enough, my biggest client here in the Innsbruck area is one of these. They have offices worldwide, make a good living at what they do, and their user interface is mostly in Tk.

Oslo – October 20-22

A quick note: I’m going to be in Oslo from the 20th to the 22nd of October. I probably won’t have time to meet anyone, unfortunately, but if you are up for it, send me an email with a cell phone number and we’ll see what can be arranged.

Also, I’m trying out Dopplr. I’m not a frequent traveller, but I really like to meet people when I do go someplace new: