Nokia 6120

I finally got around to getting myself a new mobile phone, as it looks like the Android phones may take a while to arrive here in Europe, unlocked, and my old phone was fading.

I ended up selecting a Nokia 6120 in order to get something that runs Symbian, which has a decent amount of apps above and beyond the Java ME stuff.

So far, I’m fairly happy with the phone. Here are some notes:

  • It’s small and light. Nice!

  • It runs Java ME (J2ME) applications surprisingly slowly. I’m non-plussed by this. And no, it’s not just Hecl, even ShopList, which is quite simple and small (~ 6K), takes several seconds to start up. This is not appreciably faster than on my cheap phone from several years ago.

  • My old, cruddy phone was able to recharge (slowly) via USB. This one doesn’t, as far as I can tell.

  • I bought it from, and the bozos who were the ‘real’ sellers sold me a phone intended for the polish market, meaning the dictionary languages installed are all eastern European – no Italian, which I need. Not the phone’s fault though, and I guess it’s probably possible to replace that stuff.

  • The camera has some weird issues where it leaves streaks. I realize that it’s only a phone camera, but it ought to be able to do better. Here’s an image from my recent trip to Oslo, by way of example:

Oslo Fjord

  • Creating videos wors pretty well though.

  • Playing video is just a bit jerky – it mostly keeps up, but not 100% of the time, when you lose a few frames.

  • Nokia ought to do a better job making sure that it’s integrated with Linux (Ubuntu in my case). That said, things work quite well, by and large, and I was able to get things done with relatively little fiddling.

  • The amount of progress over a few years is very impressive. This phone completely blows my old phone out of the water. Sure, it’s a bit pricier, but it’s way more capable.

All in all, I’m happy with it, but I think that my next phone will be some kind of Android-based device, as that system is way more hackable than Java ME, and the people developing it seem to ‘get it’ a bit more.

That said, I’m glad I got it – I needed something modern to play with Hecl on, and hopefully I will be able to work on using some of the fancier bits of the phone from Hecl.

Oh, and by the way, I’m always on the lookout for phones to try Hecl with – even if they’re old and worn out, the only thing that matters is that they are able to run Java ME applications. Contact me for shipping information:-)