Won’t fix… why?

I discovered a minor Rails annoyance today, and, looking around for an answer to the problem, I found this, which is a perfect description of the issue, and includes a fix:


Unfortunately it has marked as “wont fix” with no reason specified.

Perhaps there is a reasonable answer that was perhaps discussed elsewhere, and just didn’t make it into the bug report, making it invisible to people like me who find it via Google, which is pretty annoying. The other explanation is more along the lines of “don’t wanna” (or fuck you, as the case may be), but at least come out and say so. “We’re not going to do it, as it’s not part of our English-centric vision” or what have you. Being a native English speaker, even when doing stuff for Italian or Austrian or whatever clients, I tend to code in English, because it’s 1) fast, 2) easy and 3) it’s pretty much universally understood by programmers. However, I can see the case for specific things to be in a particular language, and on the surface, this one line patch makes that a little bit easier, and doesn’t appear to be costly, so why not?

Just closing the bugs of people who have taken the time to try and help (this is clearly not just a “dude, it’s, uh, broke” bug) is the twin of the equally annoying people who don’t bother to take 30 seconds to send an email or bug report about software they’re using, and both are things I greatly dislike.

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