Rant: Ubuntu, Google, J2ME

Long day, lots of broken stuff. Rant time:

  • Ubuntu’s Intrepid Ibex has way too many regressions. I’ve mentioned this before talking about wireless, but also on the sidelines are bluetooth and my laptop’s multimedia keys. Other things are probably slipping my mind, but that’s what’s bugging me today. I’ve use Linux for a while, and am used to not always having everything working just right, but “it’s never worked” is less annoying than “it used to work but this release broke it”. Also, I bought this computer from Dell because it shipped with Ubuntu. I would have expected the Ubuntu guys to have a few around themselves to test on prior to release.

  • J2ME marketing: http://blogs.sun.com/hinkmond/entry/getjar_3rd_annual_mobile_awards GetJar is a nice service, and I put my own ShopList app there, but you can’t seriously compare it to the Apple or Android stores without insulting my intelligence. What percentage of people with J2ME capable phones actually use GetJar? Is it on their phone when they turn it on? Can developers actually sell stuff there?

  • Google has started dumping lots of my mail in the spam folder since I switched the domain over to a new server. I can’t believe they’re dumping so much non spam mail, and yet can’t figure out that I have never, not once, received an email written in Chinese characters that I actually wanted to read.

Add in some bugs and broken stuff of my own, and it’s made for a frustrating day.

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