Rivet in Action

I’m terrified of flying (actually heights more than flying, but planes tend to go pretty high), and seeing all the images of Flight 1549 floating down the river didn’t help things. I’m glad everyone got out ok.

An interesting detail about the whole story though, from my point of view at least, is all the press hits that Karl Lehenbauer‘s http://flightaware.com/ got – it was mentioned on CNN and a number of other places, and seemed to handle the traffic ok. A little known fact is that, as can be seen from the HTTP headers, FlightAware is built on Apache Rivet, which was one of my first serious open source projects. It’s good to see them doing well, although it’d be nice to see them help out a bit more with Rivet. It’s still good code, and does what it does quite well, but needs some love.

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