Linux “Just Working”

I have used Linux since 1996, and was pretty used to having to fiddle with files in /etc and command line utilities to get stuff working, so I’m always very satisfied when I see the progress Linux has been making in becoming more user friendly. Two recent things jumped out at me:

  • I plugged in my phone, via USB, and was able to connect to the internet, just like that. It recognized everything! I was getting all ready to start googling instructions for how to do it, and voila`, it worked with no intervention on my part.

  • I had to print some stuff out in the hopes that we get a DSL line soonish (hah… right). My wife’s parents’ (Windows) computer was unable to print it… some problem with the fonts and lots of gibberish printed out. I disconnected their computer, plugged it into mine, and printed everything out just fine. The computer recognized the printer just fine, and even picked up on the messages the printer was sending about being low on ink.

All in all, nothing revolutionary, but one step at a time, Linux continues to impress me with how much it has grown since those early days when I first installed it and fell in love with it.

Also: we’ve managed to move into our new house here in Padova. It’s nice to be back!

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