New stats, open source bits and pieces

I released some new statistics on There are some new things:

  • The normalized results are now user configurable – you can put in your own weights for the various data sources (such as Amazon, Craigslist, and so on), and see how the results change.
  • fiddled with their web site, and statistics are not going to be available this month. Hopefully they will be able to correct the problem soon.
  • On the other hand, I wrote some code to grab the data from Ohloh, so there’s something new to look at while we wait for Freshmeat to come back on line.

So there is a fair amount going on. Hopefully Freshmeat will come back soon, and I can also add a few fixes to the IRC statistics which I’ve been thinking about.

In the process of doing the above, I also managed to do some open source work, albeit of a minor nature:

  • I updated to use the Flotr Javascript chart library instead of Plotr. So I also updated my Ruby code to integrate it. It’s a fairly thin layer at this point, but it does what I need. It’s available here:
  • I did some hacking on the Simile Timeline code, (used here on, correcting a bug, and also creating a system to install the whole thing with a simple command. Normally, it’s kind of difficult to just use the Simile code on your own site, so I created an (admittedly hacky) way of making it easier to install. That code is here:

Oh, yeah, and we moved from Innsbruck, Austria back to Padova, Italy!

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