Hecl – for Quilting!

Looking through the logs for HeclBuilder.com, I found this site:


Which, according to the translation is a discussion on a German site dedicated to patchwork quilting about calculating the right lengths to cut triangles of cloth.

I thought it was really cool to see – not because I’m interested in quilting, or the program is anything brilliant (it’s simple and functional), but because enabling stuff like this is part of what I built Hecl for: to make mobile phone applications easier, quicker, and simpler to create. Someone went and typed in the code on Heclbuilder, got the program running, and now a number of people have a handy tool to do some calculations for their hobby, which is a heck of a lot easier than fooling around with SDK’s, Eclipse or Netbeans, and so on and so forth.

I hope to see more of that sort of thing in the future.