Custom Twitter Sites, Updates

I’ve been hacking away at, adding a few things like votes and tags so that you can choose which broad categories you want to follow. The first will let people vote for the most interesting tidbits that come through twitter, whereas the second will let me add more people without overloading those who are, say, not interested in reading what coaches have to say, or are only interested in professional women racers, etc… I don’t think I’ll bother with individuals – if you want that, just add them to twitter yourself! At most I might see about putting in an ‘exclude list’… but we’ll see; I’d prefer to keep things simple.

Since I love cycling so much, adding stuff to this site has always just been kind of a fun side project, something to relax with in the evenings, rather than something I thought about in monetary terms. However, the basic idea seems to be popular, and as luck would have it, I’ve been approached by someone looking to buy the code behind BikeChatter to drive their own custom twitter site. If someone has gone to the trouble of writing me, there must be other people interested too, so I thought I’d publicly state that I’d be willing to do similar deals with people interested in having their own custom twitter site. Interested? Write me at . I’d be happy to tell you what the code can and cannot do, and discuss any ideas you may have, in order to let you know if it’s a good fit, or if you’d have to do a lot of work.

The code is pretty straightforward Ruby on Rails. I use Postgres as a database, but others should work fine too. As is obvious, I’m not much of a design guy, but it shouldn’t be too hard to plug in your own look and feel.

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