Open Source Infrastructure?

What’s your opinion?

I’m considering moving the Hecl project to something a bit more modern in terms of infrastructure.

My rough idea is:

  • The web site stays at

  • github for version control

  • Google Groups for the mailing list.

  • Google Code for the bug tracker. Or is github’s up to snuff at this point?

I don’t need much – Hecl isn’t a huge project in terms of code or number of committers, but SF is starting to feel a bit… “creaky”, so I have started thinking about alternatives, even if we’re in no hurry to jump.

Attracting talent to work on the project is definitely one of my biggest concerns. I think that Groups and Github definitely make that easier than SourceForge, but on the other hand, git is fairly new, and I’m not sure how widely it’s used outside of that geeky core that jumps on anything new.

What do you think? Is it going to be more disruptive to switch infrastructure than the gains from slightly more modern systems? Is it worth switching at all? Is it worth trying to use something like Google Code that at least groups most of the bits and pieces together? If you found it worthwhile to move away from SF, what was the “breaking point” for you?