Ok, first one on the block: leenooks.com

The problem with selling off these sites is that I am a bit attached to them emotionally.  Leenooks.com is a cool domain, I think – it's how Linus pronounces Linux, supposedly.  It's also one of the first sites I put together: the original version was done in Perl with CGI back in … '97?  The current incarnation runs on DedaWiki a wiki I put together that is built with Ruby on Rails.

The idea behind the site was that, rather than keep track of all the hardware out there that works well with Linux, let's focus on the stuff you really want to avoid as that is a smaller set of things, and hopefully one that, one day, will be empty!

It seems to have been fairly popular over the years, and has helped pay for the server it runs on.  However, "popular" doesn't necessarily translate into "oodles of money", and especially now that I have a daughter who is a lot of fun to play with, I need to cut back on my "spare time" projects.  So this one is the first one up on the auction block.

I fervently hope that whoever acquires it can dedicate a bit more time and energy to making it do what it does, only better.

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