For sale:

I've been running at capacity for a while now, and something went "snap" recently, so I decided to take a few days off to clear my head a bit.  One of the things that came to mind is that I have too many 'side project' things.

I have had lots of fun (and a few flame wars) over the years with but I decided that it's another thing that should probably go, in order to simplify my life some.

It's a fairly popular site amongst programmers, as I think it's the best of the bunch in terms of guaging an admittedly tricky subject like language popularity, but there's lots of room to add to it.  I've got various ideas for whoever ends up buying it!

About money: it doesn't earn a lot.  Programmers, I think, are fairly blind to advertisements.  In the right hands I think it could do better, but most likely, it would work best as a bit of branding/advertising for your own business, much as TIOBE's index has spread their name far and wide.

For the time being, I'll accept private bids, and depending on how well that does or doesn't go, may consider using something like later.  Write me at if you're interested.  I'd be happy to share some numbers and information with you.  Perhaps I'll update this posting with them too.

What you get: everything!  Historicaly data, code, scripts to manage it, the domain.  It could use some cleaning up and love, but it does get the job done.

Running it just takes a few minutes a month, so I could hold on to it with no trouble, but I've decided that I want one less thing to think about.

Update: Some Numbers

In the last year, according to Google Analytics, the site had: 174,645 visits.

In the last month, it had 17,047 visits.

Revenue? Think of it as zero and you won't be too far off.  You would have to rework things significantly to make money from ads on it, I think.  

Hosting costs?  Not sure, particularly, it's on my Linode.  It utilizes Ruby on Rails, but creates static HTML pages, so it's fairly cheap.


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