I Default to Postgres

With a startup or new project of any kind, you’ll face many uncertainties.  One thing I always count on is the Postgres database.

I like to experiment with new things.  I have a particular weakness for programming languages, but over the years, I’ve always come back to Postgres for data storage.  It’s solid, reliable, flexible, and I know I can take it in whichever direction I need.

I think you have to pick your battles – no one can do it all. You need to strike a careful balance between trying out new stuff, so that you don’t miss out on new and improved ways of doing things, and avoiding churn generated by blindly jumping to new technologies.

I’ve always been happy to try out new programming languages or frameworks, but I like to be able to count on my data, so I’ve always come back to Postgres.

You can do a lot with Postgres, and its capabilities slowly but surely expand, year after year.  One of the nice things is that new capabilities are pretty solid when they come out, rather than feeling like rough concepts waiting to be polished.

Postgres also has a great community, of thoughtful, helpful, talented people, which makes dealing with it that much more pleasant.

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