Back on line, in Innsbruck

Wow, that sucked. It took this company in Austria nearly a month to connect me back up to the internet. And since I don’t have a laptop with which to roam around in search of wireless, I was pretty much completely out of it since we moved up here. I’m still getting the network reconfigured, so I won’t be at %100 capacity for a little bit.

I took the time to explore the area some by bicycle, which was pretty nice. The area around Innsbruck is full of nice evergreen forests, snow capped mountains and mountain fields. Unfortunately, while everything was quite beautiful, it didn’t smell so good, because the industrious farmers are busy spreading tons of cow dung over all those nice green fields, as well as dribbling it all over the roads leading to the fields… Oh well, we ended up in a nice place, and we’re pretty happy about it. More later as I start getting things going again.

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