The bicycle: a thinking machine

No, not a machine that thinks, but a machine that helps you think.  Me, at least.

With two kids, a job, side projects, and a lot of things going on, it’s easy to put off fun things like riding my bike, but when I do get out, I realize how good it is for me not just physically, but mentally.

  • I’m finally alone – no coworkers, no kids, no wife.  It’s fun to go with friends too, but those solo rides are where thinking happens.
  • No emails, no popups, no phones ringing, no distractions!
  • It gets the blood flowing to my brain in a way that makes me feel more awake, and thinking quicker.
  • It’s mostly smooth and steady so you get into a rhythm that makes it easy to think: the ideal pace is not too hard, nor too slow.

And of course, if you live in the right place, it’s beautiful:


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