Programmer Fuel

I can’t stand the taste of coffee – neither American, nor Italian – it all tastes like dirt to me.

Programmer Fuel

However, I too occasionally need a kick to keep me going even when I’m tired, and I’ve found just the thing here in Austria. Red Bull is the most famous Austrian “caffeine/energy drink”, but they also have a variety of similar products, which sell at lower prices. Recently, I noticed that you can even get the stuff in 1.5 liter bottles, rather than the more expensive 1/4 liter cans. Be careful though: I had a bit too much the other day, and my wife had to detach me from the ceiling.

If I had a good head for business, I’d find a way to make money exporting the stuff. At a bit more than a Euro per liter, it’s way cheaper than expensive cans of Red Bull.

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