Android is out!

As most people probably know by now, the Android source code is available, as promised:

The next part is the interesting part, though, in my opinion. Source code is wonderful, and a huge gift from Google, but the real “secret sauce” for the most successful open source projects is the community. It will be interesting to see how Google manages this aspect of their project. It could be a situation where they create, and the public consumes, and it’s fairly one way, with the odd patch here and there going back. Or it could be that they’ll really let people get involved. Running a community for something this big, with this much code, and this much interest to the world at large is a daunting task, but Google certainly has the open source expertise to figure it out, so what we end up seeing will depend on exactly how Google wants to manage things.

All in all though, a big step for open source – congratulations to all the people at Google who made it happen!

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