Mailing list moderation and anti-spam filters?

Here’s a question that has bugged me for a while, and to which I’ve never found a satisfactory answer.

How do people handle mailing list moderation when they have spam filters active? For instance, I get a lot of spam in the moderation queues for the Apache mailing lists I moderate. Sometimes gmail flags it as spam, and I can’t quite say it’s wrong… I mean the body of the email that’s help up for moderation is often full of spam words. But the moderation message itself isn’t really spam. I’m afraid of confusing the filter if I let it through. I guess this is where an open source system might be better, as you could simply put a rule in saying “if it’s a moderation email, don’t even bother looking at the keywords”. Gmail’s awfully convenient though… anyone else out there with the same problem?

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