Ubuntu Intrepid Regression: Beware of Wireless and WPA

A lot of people, myself included as of the upgrade I did last night, seem to be having trouble using certain wireless chipsets with WPA:


There are a lot of people following this one, and you have to think that for every person who looked it up, googled it, and dug around to find that page, registered with the site, and so on, there are several more who simply gave up and went back to Windows or something.

I thought a couple of weeks was probably a good amount of time for the bugs to be shaken out of Intrepid, but I thought wrong.

Here is a set of search terms that can be used to look through “regression-potential” bugs, which if I’m not mistaken, ought to mean those things that worked in previous versions of Ubuntu but now no longer work. In my case, there’s an extra little bit of annoyance because I am running on a Dell laptop that I bought with Ubuntu preinstalled, and you’d think the Ubuntu guys would have a few sitting around to do some testing with prior to release.

I spent some time digging around in the code for the network manager, wpasupplicant, and a brief look at the kernel code, but there was nothing that made much sense, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for the fix like everyone else… wish I could help, somehow, though.

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