Pro Cycling @ twitter and live Amstel Gold chat

Bicycle racing, especially professional road cycling, is really the only sport I follow, but I do so with a passion. Other people are glued to the TV during soccer games, or football, or basketball, or cricket, or whatever. I’m there during the current spring classics season (my favorite races of the year), and the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.

So it was a cool discovery to find people like Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, Robbie McEwen and others using Twitter. Some of them really provide a unique window into the life of a professional bike racer, especially all the things that we don’t see outside race day.

I figured that if it’s interesting to me, it’s probably interesting to other people too, so I put together this site to aggregate twitter updates related to professional cycling:

As an extra, I also added a chat widget from, in order to make it easy to chat with others while races are going on:

The next race is the Amstel Gold classic, in the Netherlands, today (Sunday April 19th), at about 15:30 CEST (Rome, Paris, Berlin, etc…). Feel free to join us!

The site is quite new, and probably has a few bugs, and as is obvious, my UI ideas are to make things very simple and direct, so any comments or suggestions on how to improve it, or new features you’d like to see are welcome.

… and now I’m off for my Sunday bike ride – see you this afternoon!

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