Ovi and Hecl

Granted, Hecl’s demo application is not the sort of things end users are going to want to use on a day to day basis, but I thought I’d use it to go through the process and see what I could see about Ovi.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go well, I got this the other day:

Comments from the QA team:
FAILED due to the devices not compatible by OVI store, OVI supported devices are can be found from the link
https://publish.ovi.com/help/content_providers (public, Qa in progress -> Qa failed)

The file failed QA on the following target(s):

  • Device: Unpublished Protos – XXXxYYY – Another Test Device

Which isn’t all that clear, putting it mildly. Hrm. Maybe I’ll try with something else just to see what can be seen.

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