Objective C vs Cocoa

I’ve been adding a few things to LangPop.com, specifically ColdFusion (it’s not something I’m interested in, but I’ve had a lot of requests for it…) and Objective C, which is quite popular indeed, thanks to Apple.

Indeed, it is Objective C that is a bit problematic: “Cocoa” is more widely used than the name of the language itself! On http://search.yahoo.com, Cocoa programming turns up a lot more hits than Objective C programming:

  • “objective c programming: 71,300
  • “cocoa programming” : 608,000

That’s an order of magnitude!

Now, on one hand, I aim to measure popularity of the language itself, not of libraries. I simply can’t add every popular library, toolkit or framework for every language – it would be a huge task, and would likely only really make the results worse. However, it might not be entirely fair to leave that many actual users uncounted just because they all use Objective C in one particular environment. And just to further complicate things, while most people using Cocoa are writing Objective C code, there are other bindings for it…

My inclination, for simplicity’s sake, is still to simply go with Objective C. What do you think?

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