Jeff “Tiara” Atwood release of

Jeff Atwood, of “Coding Horror”, snarkily writes, via twitter:

programming language popularity. they should award tiaras!

Since site was due for an update, in the same spirit of snarky fun, I am calling this release the Jeff “Tiara” Atwood release as a way of saying thanks for driving a lot of traffic my way.

Jeff "Tiara" Atwood

Nothing much new this month, really. A lot of people have been asking for Scala, so perhaps that will appear in the coming months. I think it probably shows up on most of the metrics now.

Yes, I know, the Amazon results are still borked. If anyone out there knows the team at Amazon that handles that stuff, it would be really great if you asked them to fix the fact that “C” == “C++” == “C#” in their search. Thanks!

PS, let he who is without copious amounts of “merit badges” cast the first tiara…

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