Something I’d like to See: Cheap J2ME “device”

Here’s the idea: there are tons of games and things out there for j2me (err, make that “Java ME”), and it’s a fairly simple API, it’d be nice to have something that’s a bit less than an actual phone, that can be loaded up with stuff to play.

I’m specifically thinking of my daughter when I talk about this – she loves to grab mom and dad’s phones and run around with them, but it’d be better if she had something of her own, and, hey, why not make it something real where I could write some neat little games or interactive things?

There are some mobile phones that are getting very cheap, that would probably do nicely, but the really cheap ones don’t have J2ME. I think the price for this should be under 50 dollars.

I suppose the best thing would be to find a cheap phone on eBay, but I think there’s a market for something similar to what I’m describing.

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