Linux Incompatibility List

As I take stock of things in my life after our move to Innsbruck, I’m thinking about what to do with the Linux Incompatibility List. I think the site could grow in some ways to get people more involved with the life cycle of identifying what doesn’t work with Linux and then fixing it. There are also some tech changes that I could do. However, I’m also thinking that running the site is not part of what I want to focus on long term. It seems to have been pretty successful so far, having garnered a mention in slashdot and other news sites, and has seen a steady stream of modifications and additions.

Since the adsense from it nearly pays for the server that hosts it, I’ve also been considering the idea of selling it somewhere like sitepoint, but I’m a bit reticent to do that, because the money part of it has to be secondary to providing a useful service to the Linux community. I wouldn’t mind making some money off it, of course, although I don’t think it would be much but I would have to be certain that it “went to a good home” as they say. I wouldn’t mind having fewer advertisements even as things stand now, so I certainly wouldn’t want to see it “monetized” by being crammed full of ads.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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